HARARE – The life of Dave Ellman-Brown, who was president of the Zimbabwean cricket board at the time of attainment of Test status in 1992, has been celebrated at a well-attended Memorial Service in Harare on Saturday following his death on New Year’s Eve in 2020.

Bulawayo-born Ellman-Brown, an accomplished administrator credited with immense contribution to Zimbabwe’s rise to world-class status in the game, passed away in Harare at the aged 82, whilst in the position of honourary life-president of Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC).

Old Georgians Sports Club in the Zimbabwean capital city hosted the Memorial Service. Old Georgians is historically the old boys club of ex-St George’s College students, Ellman-Brown’s alma mater.

The family hosted a celebrated life of the late Dave Ellman-Brown at the Old Georgians Sports Club. Fondly known as ‘Ellers’,” reads the main speech from the service.

Although Dave passed away on the 31st of December 2020, the celebration was only held now due to the Covid pandemic and also his daughter Lindsay Ellman-Brown from Australia and Jeremy Owen from the UK were only able to attend during this time.

The celebration was well attended by family friends, Dave’s fellow colleagues from the Accounting profession, former national team cricketers and administrators from the cricket fraternity, which included three former national captains, and colleagues from various organisers including the farming and mining community.

The venue was beautifully decorated with Dave’s memorabilia of his early life of his cricket and professional career. Even the flower arrangements were specifically selected with his favourite passion of the ones Dave grew and loved. They were all arranged in Dave’s favourite collection of ‘beer mugs.’

A special memories book entitled ‘The Ellers Life Ledger’ was opened and all were requested to contribute their tributes and sign their attendance in it.

The ceremony was opened by a welcome from Dave’s close associate Keith Nicholson, who then recited readings from the bible.

Some wonderful tributes were given by his daughters Katie Rose, Lindsay Ellman-Brown and son Jeremy Owen, of their early family years and relations with their late father and influence he had on all of them and to the grandchildren.

Dave’s widow, Jan Ellman-Brown, was in attendance, having prepared a beautiful floral arrangement incorporating Dave’s MCC cricket ties in tribute.

Rod Kilpert who worked with him in the Accounting profession enlightened all of Dave’s Accounting, business profession and ethics. He paid tribute to Dave’s role in his life.

Vince Hogg, a former national cricketer and former CEO of Zimbabwe Cricket covered in detail of Dave’s contribution, passion, commitment and dedication to this sport. He recalled Dave’s role as Provincial and National President board member, a manager, and his involvement in Zimbabwe’s admission to World Cricket and Test Status achievement. Dave was also the CEO of cricket which Hogg inherited and admitted that his role as the CEO of ZC and transition was easy for him with a smooth take over from Dave as everything was transparent and in order.

Lastly, Dave Johnson gave a very detailed account of Dave’s role in the mining sector, particularly gold mining, where he was also the MD of the Golden Valley Mine. A position he had for several years.

All the above all gave their personal experience with Dave, with much humour and funny interactions that had the crowd laughing in stitches.

Keith Nicholson then recited a poem in dedication to Dave’s life.

The celebration finished with the crowd joining in with the Lord’s Prayers.

*Nick Chouhan is a veteran Zimbabwean cricket administrator and ex-board member of the national board.


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