HARARE – A forthcoming global documentary, capturing cricket enthusiasm across different parts of the world, has reached Zimbabwe with some episodes being shot in the African country.

Titled ‘100 Fans, 100 Stories’, the documentary is being produced with the Cricket World Cup in mind. The 2023 World Cup, in October-November, will be hosted by India, world cricket’s leading nation.

It is the brainchild of Indian Sports Fans, a firm that lays claim to being the “largest sports fan community and platform in India.”

The enterprising and smooth-talking Sunil Yash Kalra, founder of Indian Sports Fans, said in Harare on Thursday during a well-attended filming event: “This remarkable documentary aims to explore the lives of cricket fans, providing insight into their struggles, achievements, and unique journeys while capturing the true essence of their love for the sport.”

Apart from Zimbabwe, it has been filmed in the UK, Israel and France, with more countries having been lined up.

On Thursday, Zimbabwean comedian Comic Pastor was in attendance during the filming at Harare Sports Club, the African country’s premier cricket stadium.

“I want to come to India,” said the funnyman from Harare. “I love Indian culture, players, cricketers, fans, and the whole atmosphere. The fans’ lives and the docudrama will help the world see Zimbabwe’s love and passion for cricket through the eyes of players and fans across the globe.”

As for filmmaker Kalra, coming to Zimbabwe is an experience of a lifetime.

“By highlighting the personal experiences and heartfelt stories of cricket fans from Zimbabwe and around the world, we aim to showcase the true essence of their love for cricket,” said Kalra.

“Through this documentary, viewers will witness the indomitable spirit of these fans, their devotion, and the emotions that surround the game. ‘100 Fans, 100 Stories’ promises to be a testament to the power of sports fandom and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries, uniting people from different cultures under the banner of cricket.”

Zimbabwe has been making global headlines with record crowds that have brought a colourful and celebratory vibe to the Cricket World Cup Qualifiers which come to an end this weekend in the African nation.


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