HARARE – Defeat to Uganda in a T20 World Cup qualifier may well sound the death knell for a Zimbabwe cricket team that has dropped all pretence to be an international outfit worth anybody’s time.

Now following the scandalous five wicket defeat to the East Africans on Sunday, heads have to roll, from top to bottom. The time for making excuses is long gone, because, frankly speaking, we will wake up one day without cricket to talk about in this country.

The fans are absolutely disgusted with the team. They are thoroughly justified, after how they have firmly stood with the players in record numbers over the past few years.

The administration too ought to make decisions, or decisions must be forced on them. A fish rots from the head down, and we have no doubt in our minds that what has been transpiring out on the park is also a reflection of the glaring lack of expertise in the boardroom.

Changes at the top are desperately needed now!

Coach Dave Houghton said the defeat to Namibia few days ago was the worst game he has been involved in with Zimbabwe, as a player and coach.

We wonder what he has to say now after this treasonous disgrace. He too, must be on his way out alongside a whole lot of his senior players.


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